How the glass feeders help in maintaining hygiene for babies

The struggle of deciding whether a plastic or a glass feeding bottle is good for your baby is real. The confusion is large and the decision can be tricky. Decades ago, glass baby bottles were the only feeding bottles that were available for parents. But as glass was extremely heavy and easily breakable, plastic feeding bottles came into existence. Parents admired these more as they were extremely light and there was no fear of them breaking. But with the plastic concerns rising, parents are now looking for how the glass feeders help in maintaining hygiene for babies?

Even though plastic feeding bottles have been around since countless years, the researches done on plastic that lead to shocking results have turned the tables around. BPA is a chemical that is found in plastic which is extremely harmful for the human body and it has led to parents giving plastic feeding bottles a second thought. Was the old-fashioned glass feeder better then? The query is real and the confusion keeps looming in the parent’s minds. Everyone wants the best for their child. Also, the American Academy of Pediatric has stated that it is highly recommended that parents use an alternative for plastic feeding bottles as stainless steel and glass bottles are also accessible easily. This further adds to the stress of parents. Thus, glass feeding bottles might seem old fashioned but they are somewhat making their way back into the human and baby world specifically.

Here are some reasons as to how glass feeders help parents in maintaining hygiene for their kids:

  1. Free of BPA:

The foremost important reason of how glass feeders are hygienic for babies is that they are free of BPA. This chemical that is found in plastic has extremely harmful effects on human health as studies show that it can lead to cancer, changes in reproduction system and brain development as well. Thus, with the passage of time and several studies of BPA coming to surface, BPA free plastic bottles came into existence. But many medical research institutes recommend that an alternative of plastic must be used. Thus, glass feeders are the best alternative in this case. They are by all means, free of BPA and even though they are heavy to carry and are breakable; they don’t have any adverse effects on your baby’s health.

  1. Healthy Option to make:

If you are concerned about your baby’s health, then glass feeders are the most hygienic option to make. Glass is free of BPA naturally, thus there are no worries of it being unsafe. Glass bottles can be easily sterilized in boiling water and are also easy to clean. There is basically no hassle with choosing this alternative for feeding your baby. The glass feeders can get chipped sometimes and you might need to change them but that is also good for your little one. Changing the feeding bottles regularly is safe. Thus, glass is a naturally healthy option to make in case you want the most hygienic choice for your toddler.

  1. Hygienic:

Glass water bottles are extremely hygienic. The milk smell is annoying and the stench does not leave the plastic bottles easily. However, with glass feeders, there is no such trouble. They are very easy to sterilize and you can use conventional bottle warming equipment to do so. You can also clean them with soapy water or dishwater. No matter which medium of cleaning you use, glass feeders are very easy to maintain, which makes them completely hygienic.

Glass feeders help in maintaining your baby’s hygiene and health really well. They are free of chemicals naturally which makes them a very safe option for toddlers. If you are scared of plastic bottles, even when they are tagged BPA free, you can easily switch to glass feeders. You are certainly going to adore them more as they are wonderful in maintenance of hygiene and are clean and a healthy option to make. Get in contact with to get the best glass feeders for your little cutie pie.

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