How to choose the best feeder for your baby

Bottle feeding your little one, while he or she is nestling in the crook of your arms, is one of the cutest moments ever for a mom. If your baby takes most of his meals through his or her feeding bottle, then you need to be sure of which brand’s bottle you want to use for them. The struggle of air bubbles and collapsing nipples are very hard to deal with and they just ruin your peaceful moment with your child. To avoid any such chaos, it is crucial to know how to choose the best baby feeder for your baby.

Choosing the best feeder is definitely a hard decision to make. There is an endless variety in feeding bottles these days and picking the best one can be tough. However, we have reviewed the best feeder for your baby right here!

Babylist Bottle Box

Put the hassle of deciding on one feeder bottle to an end. Babylist has put together some of the most famous bottles in one box, to let the parents try them and pick the one that suits them the best. Isn’t that cool? The confusion is put to rest with this amazingly creative box. No need to pay for each bottle and try a new one after a while; you pay for some of the best ones, for once and that is it.

Okay so begin with, what is packed within the wonderful Babylist Bottle box? Opening the box, you meet a booklet that contains all the information in it. It has everything that you need to know about the feeders that are included in it. This manual is extremely helpful as it helps you in understanding about what makes each feeding bottle amazing in its own way.

Coming to the baby feeders that are included in the box; they are some of the most famous and well-appreciated feeders of the baby world. This ensures you of the fact that you are trying the top notch feeders and have your hands on the best options. The box contains the following 5 feeding bottles:

  • Munchkin Latch Bottle – 4oz
  • Tommee Tippee Closer To Nature Bottle – 5oz
  • Philips AVENT Natural Bottle – 4oz
  • Comotomo Baby Bottle – 5oz
  • Brown’s Natural Flow PP Standard Baby Bottle – 4oz

These are 5 best feeders for your baby and when you are done breastfeeding and are converting to bottle feeding, you are simply all set! Don’t forget to sterilize all the bottles before using them. The manual will remind you of that.

This bottle box is a blessing for new parents. It gives a chance to all the parents to try some of the best feeders for their babies. Without dropping a pretty good chunk of investment, parents are able to pick the best choice for their kid and then stick to it in the future.

Gift Option of Babylist Bottle Box:

You have two options in the Babylist Bottle Box. One is gift-able box and you can gift it to a new mommy or a mum to be. The first option is to simply buy the box for $25 and has everything that is mentioned above. It is very handy and makes a great gift for your friend at her baby shower. But at the same time, you can pick the $50 bottle box too. How is it different though? This box has everything that is mentioned above but it also contains a $25 voucher which you can use at the Babylist store! This makes a better gift though as a mum to be would love a voucher, wouldn’t she?

Final Verdict:

According to us, we would highly recommend the Babylist Bottle box. It allows you try 5 of the most famous and praised feeders for a much lesser price. Now isn’t that a wonderful catch? You also get a manual for a better understanding of each feeding bottle. Thus, buy this one and try the best feeders for your baby and pick the one you love the most for future use.

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