How to Choose the Best Feeding Supplies for Your Child

No matter if your child can already eat independently or he or she is just beginning to develop self-feeding skills, you should still be careful when choosing utensils and dinnerware. Sometimes, parents choose them guided by their own preferences, which is a mistake. In this article, you will learn what feeding supplies your baby needs at every phase of development. In other words, we will show you how to choose the best feeding supplies for your child.


Try different styles of sipping cups until you find the one your kid likes. There are two things you should check: ease of sipping and whether the cup leaks. The easier it is for a kid to drink, the more likely it is that the cup will dribble. Some brands have cups for 3-months old babies, but the common age is 3-4.


As soon as your child starts eating solids (at about 4-6 months), you should choose dishes that he or she will regard as his or her own. Try not to choose plastic. There are steel, bamboo, glass, and silicone options that are much safer. Bright colors and funny designs will make a kid more eager to eat.


A spoon is the first thing you introduce to your baby when he or she starts to eat solids. The first spoon is better to be soft-tipped not to hurt tender gums. If you choose the one for self-feeding, opt for those with wide or looped handles. At about 18 months old, your kid will be ready to hold a fork with soft edges.

Feeding Accessories

Popular accessories include snack traps, squeeze pouches, portable food grinders,Ba, and net bags. You will no longer need to use them when your child is about 3 years old. 

Here at Chef Tot Store, we have most of the feeding products your kids need at every stage of their life journey.

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