Top 3 qualities for a best baby feeder

Picking the best baby feeder for your little one can be an overwhelming experience. The large variety of choices out in the market makes the perfect decision a bit hard. Also, being a new parent, you just don’t know what to get your hands on. You want the best for your new born and you re obviously scared to spill the pennies on the wrong thing. Thus, we have summed up the top 3 qualities for a best baby feeder that you must consider before investing in one.

Top 3 qualities for a best baby feeder:

To pick the best baby feeder for your toddler, you must consider the following 3 qualities so that you invest in the perfect feeding bottle.

  1. Bottle Teat or Nipple:

The quality of the feeding bottle nipple is the foremost important feature to pay attention to. Feeder nipples are accessible in various materials. You can get silicon, latex and surgical grade plastic teats. However, all three of these are not the best. Latex teats are very soft and are completely organic too. But the issue with them is that they age faster. Thus they require constant replacement. On the other hand, silicone teats are stronger but they are not natural; they are synthetic in nature. As they are synthetic, this makes them long lasting. They are able to tolerate wear and tear for a longer time span.

The quality of both the materials (latex and silicon) is great. The choice depends on what you wish to provide your child with. Many parents choose latex as it is organic and they believe in replacing the bottle nipples often, in order to keep their kid away from synthetic material. On the other hand, many parents make silicon teats their choice as they require something that lasts longer. Both are great but it depends on you as to which material you want. The nipple quality must be outstanding as it is one element that is going to go in your baby’s mouth the most.

  1. Feeder Bottle Material (BPA-free plastic):

The next quality that must be kept in mind is the material of the feeding bottle. It is highly recommended that the feeder you buy must be BPA free plastic. There are endless concerns about plastic and how it is highly dangerous for kids or humans overall. Thus, baby feeding bottle brands have created BPA free plastic feeders. These are considered safer than simple plastic bottles. If you wish, you can also pick glass feeding bottles but many parents are scared of it being breakable which is hazardous in the presence of a little kid. Thus, make sure that you pick the right bottle material as it is the second most important quality of a feeder. Good material indicates the overall goodness of the feeder.

  1. Easy to Maintain:

Many feeding bottles are extremely hard to clean and maintain. Cleaning them becomes a proper duty which becomes tiring after some time. Thus, always choose a feeder that is easy to clean and is flexible. For instance, Tommee Tippee is a brand that provides extremely flexible feeding bottles which are super easy to clean and maintain. This ensures hygiene feeders for your little one.

With keeping these 3 qualities in mind, you can pick the best baby feeder for your little one. It must be flexible and easy to clean and the bottle and bottle nipple material must be outstanding. Also, don’t purchase plastic feeding bottles. Only support BPA free plastic feeders. You can easily get the best BPA free feeders at We have a large range of feeding bottles for your little ones and have the best brands available at right hand access. Also, we only bring safe plastic feeders your way. Thus, you can trust us with all your heart and make safe and best choices for your baby with Chef Tot.

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