Why you must choose a BPA-free plastic feeder for a toddler

Breastfeeding the newly born is a choice that not all mothers make. Some do find joy in it but some decide otherwise. The next best option for feeding the little ones is bottle feeding. You are able to deliver the crucial nutrients to the baby through the bottle. The most common practice in buying feeding bottles is to pick the cutest plastic bottle that the mother sees on the shelves of the grocery store. But there are various rumors regarding plastic feeding bottles and how they are not safe as they contain BPA. You might ask what the concern is all about and why you must choose a BPA-free plastic feeder for a toddler. Let’s dig in deeper!

BPA, Bisphenol A is a chemical that is used in polycarbonate plastic products. It is used for hardening plastic and restricting bacteria from entering the food. Furthermore, BPA reduces rust from gathering up in bottles and containers. There are some studies carried out on BPA and its side effects on animals and humans and in their light, BPA is not considered very safe for the living beings. As it is unsafe, American companies have discontinued the use of BPA in their plastic bottles, containers and other items. It was also found in infant formula packaging but thanks to the rapid advancements, BPA is not used in that packaging either.

BPA is not safe and it is recommended that parents must buy BPA free plastic feeding bottles for their toddlers and kids. There is an endless variety in BPA free plastic bottles too and you can easily get stainless steel feeding bottles too now.

How is BPA harmful?

Now the questionarises as to how BPA is harmful and why we must choose a BPA free plastic bottle for kids? The human body’s endocrine system is created of glands that regulate hormones across the body to promote great metabolism, growth and sexual function and development. When BPA is consumed, it shatters the system of the endocrine and disrupts the releasing of hormones. Studies done on rat’s shows that BPA can gradually affect your reproductive system and the brain development as well. Furthermore, research states that BPA increases risks of cancer and also decreases sperm counts, boosting hyperactivity in the individual. So you see, BPA is extremely harmful and this is why parents must choose BPA free plastic feeding bottles for their toddler.

Is BPA free Plastic safe to use?

It is normal for parents to get finicky when they are exposed to such studies. However, the BPA free plastic feeding bottles are safe to use. The National Institute of Health has stated the BPA free items as “safe to use”. However, many medical institutes still recommend parents to use plastic as less possible and use alternatives when they are easily accessible in the market these days. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, plastic is always leaking some kind ofharmful chemical from within it, which is harmful for the human body. Therefore, using alternatives is always better.

It is time to switch to BPA free plastic feeding bottles right away! Make sure that before you purchase a feeder for your kid, you do check it for being BPA free. Nothing is worth risking your little one’s health for, right? Better be safe than sorry. Also, if you have some other alternatives in the market, you can definitely go for them too. BPA free plastic feeding bottles are now trending and soon they will be easily accessible in all countries. Say no to BPA plastic and only buy BPA free items. You can get BPA free plastic bottles for your toddler at https://cheftot.com/. We have a large variety of BPA free plastic feeders, in different colors and designs. Do check them out to get high-quality safe feeder for your little one.

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