Why you must replace your child’s feeder after 6 months

Baby bottles or feeders are the most used thing by your baby in the first few months. It is the basic element that goes into your baby’s mouth, if you are not breastfeeding them. Thus, the feeders face a lot of wear and tear and have to go through a lot of mileage as well. You make sure to wash them regularly, every day, so that you can provide perfect hygiene to your little one but then why you must replace your child’s feeder after 6 months? However, is that cleaning enough for the feeder to go on for the entire year or two? Well, you must question yourself about when you must replace your child’s feeder bottle! As a parent, this is your duty to ensure hygienic bottles to your toddler and replacing them regularly is very crucial.

According to the medical expertise, your baby’s feeder and the bottle’s nipple need a lot of attention. However, amongst the two, the nipples need to be taken care of more than the bottle itself. It is highly recommended that you check the bottle nipples every second or third month to ensure that there is no wear or tear done to them. But the question is how can you tell if the bottle nipple is showing signs of replacement? Baby Center states that if the liquid is streaming from the bottle nipple, then it means that the hole has gotten too large due to constant usage that it now demands a change. Also, if the bottle nipple stinks or changes its color, then you must replace it as soon as possible. These little signs portray that they bottle nipples have been used enough and are no more safe for your baby.

You now know about when you replace the feeder nipples, but when should you replace the bottles? Well, this can get gross for mothers who haven’t really changed their baby’s bottle in a long while. If there are little cracks or chips in the bottle; stop using it. It is time to toss it into the dustbin as it becomes unsafe. Especially plastic bottles must be discarded as soon as they are chipped. Also, if the bottle is changing its color or the cartoon characters printed on them are being erased, it is high time that you purchase new feeders. With so much wear and tear, it is always best to ensure the best for your kid as you would love to stay safe rather than being sorry.

Furthermore, a lot of mothers take extra care of their baby’s feeding bottles and thus, there are never any cracks and discoloration of the bottles. However, it is still recommended that you change the feeding bottle after 6 months. This keeps the feeder hygienic and ensures cleanliness for your baby too. Due to safety and healthy purposes, a lot of child medical expertise focus on replacement of bottles often and regularly. This is why you must replace your child’s feeder after 6 months.

A child’s safety is the first priority for parents, especially the mother. She has to look after the baby’s meals, thus, the responsibility of keeping the bottles clean and regularly changed is definitely on her. It is great if both parents take equal responsibility of remembering to change the feeders regularly. It is very crucial to feed your toddler in hygienic and clean feeders. This is why it is recommended to replace them after 6 months. Also, make sure that you purchase BPA free plastic feeding bottles only. For getting the best feeding bottles, visit https://cheftot.com/. We have BPA free plastic feeders and offer a great variety of baby bottles.

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